Tue 07 May 2019 22:52

The Coaches Code Of Conduct

The agreed code of conduct to which all Senior Coaches will adhere for the 2017/2018 season

'Coaches Coach''Players Play'! (However - no-one does anything without having first paid their Subs!)

*The Coaching Team consists of:

Director of Rugby - Warren Howell

Head Coach - Kevin Whitehead

1st Xv Manager - Martin Ord

1st Xv Manager - John Gibbs

Defensive Coach / 2nd Team Manager -

*Coaches will provide a unified front at all times. Players are expected to do the same. Personal grievances have no place at Oswestry Rugby Club!

*Coaches will commit availability for training sessions and games for 8 weeks in advance and be punctual for all sessions / games,

*Coaches will ensure that every session is structured, including fitness work, unit work, individual coaching, team play and skills development drills.

*Coaches will ensure that sessions flow and endeavor to make them enjoyable and rewarding for all involved.

*Coaches will explain the theory behind drills and moves to develop a better understanding of the game play for Players.

*Coaches will ensure that all set moves and play tactics are adopted from 1st Team to U17 Team.

*All sessions will be planned in advance, with Coaches aware of their role is within a session.

*Coaches will assess players and provide praise, advice and constructive criticism when required. (This will include providing individuals with the rationale for promotion / dropping of players between teams).

*Coaches will encourage all Players to challenge for all positions. If a Player feels overlooked they should approach the Coaches, (after training) and discuss the matter.

*Coaches will be approachable at all times. Players are encouraged to speak with the Coaches over any matter at any time. The Players Rep may assist with this if required to do so.

*Selection for all 3 senior sides will be finalised by the Coaching Team, (with Captains assistance). Teams will be posted on Tuesday evenings after training.

*1st Team Squad for league games will consist of 18 players, (2nd Team players to be available to cover if required through last minute unavailability).

*No 1st Team will play / travel without the allocated squad number of 18, fully fit players.

*2nd Team Squad for league games will consist of at least 20 players if possible.

*No 2nd Team will play/travel without a minimum of 18, fully fit players.

*3rd Team Squad will be selected after 1st & 2nd Team Squads are finalised.

*Coaches will ensure that all teams warm up in the same routine for every game.

*No new moves or ideas will be brought in on Match Days.


*Coaches will provide guidance and advice during games. At no time will a negative attitude be tolerated - a positive attitude is the key to success.

*Coaches will reflect on games and discuss prior to the following training session. No rash decisions will be made in the bar on a Saturday evening!

*Coaches will adhere to the decided dress code for Match Days - Club Tracksuit & T Shirt prior to game, Club Shirt & Tie after game.

*Coaches will ensure that discipline is met throughout the club. Fines will be introduced and paid. Those fines will be utilised later in the season at the Annual Dinner. Players will decide on Discipline Codes for which fines are levied.